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Art Interchange Chicago-Barcelona

Aquest any hem tornat a participar a l’intercanvi «Art Exchage Chicago-Barcelona». Es tracta de promoure la col.laboració entre el nostre institut i l’Steinmetz High School de Chicago des de la matèria de Dibuix artístic de primer de batxillerat.

Vam iniciar el treball aquest curs partint d’un treball anterior de la matèria: una obra per encàrrec partint de la idea de col.laboració entre un alumne de cada centre. A partir del concepte de ciutat, cada alumne del nostre centre va idear una obra per ser realitzada a Chicago. A continuació, els alumnes americans ens van enviar uns textos per desenvolupar una obra sobre la nostra ciutat.

A continuació us mostrem els treballs realitzats amb els textos originals (els noms inicials corresponen al alumnes americans). 

Algunes de les obres es van mostrar a la recent exposició d’arts plàstiques i disseny a la biblioteca Caterina Albert.

  • Virgen P. and Yesenia P.

A scene where the sun is falling and the moon is rising up in the middle of the ocean de Barcelona. In this scene there is a half fish and half human showing his head outside in the ocean. There is also a half bird and half human coming towards the half-fish half human.

Image done by Cira Pujol.

  •  Areli C. and Sandy C.

A Janiform one representing two bodies of women where one side shows a dark mood and the other lightened showing a mirror. And show a connection between the two. Get creative with the colors.

Image done by Palmira Sabaté

  • Teandra J. and Areion S.

We would like a mosaic drawing, with color that pops, out of Barcelona and its most important buildings with a dark and gloomy background so the colors pop out.

Image done by Marta Antelo Olmos.

  • Aaron B.and Sebastian N.

The work should have 2 cans and a cup in the middle. If you can, make the cans different brands. The cup should be in the middle, poured. Maybe the brands can be of the same type of pop (like Coca-Cola and Pepsi) and the cup is still frizzing.

Image done by Alba Panyella.

  • Alexander P. and Peter S.

A funeral in a graveyard for someone who got murdered and the family is crying while the murderer is in the background. But the murderer is not a bad person because he killed the person on accident so make the murderer look depressed and in the background have clouds and rain.

Image done by Elena Vicente.

  • Cristina P. and Maria F.

A girl checking out warm and soft colored flowers, on the bottom curved edge of mountain. With the surrounding of the salt lake/ flat in Bolivia, with the sunset in the right side, facing the mountain curve. The sunset illuminates on the flowers.

Image done by Jéssica Cortés.

  • Luis S. and Carlos D.

Draw the La Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi but in its completed state.

Image done by Marina Amadó.


  •  Delanie P.Alvaro B.

Your version of a Saturday night, with detail on what you do personally. Include the people you are usually with. Include the background where you usually are.

Image done by Blanca De la Cruz Carrasco.

  • Tomerra O. and Tomiesha W.

Put your heart into the piece. Make the streets seem magical and emotional. Also put a girl walking on the street that describes her emotions.

Image done by Júlia Piñana.

  • Eddie M. and Chris M.

A bicycle playing cards that incorporates skulls. The cards should have dark values. Try to use red and black. The image should have a dark feeling in general.

Image done by Pau S.

  •  Sylvia M. and Jayene R.

We would like to have a diptych. One side is a man and the other is a woman but connected it seems like they are holding hands. In one picture we would like to see the women in the night overlooking the city and the man at the sunset with beautiful scenery of Barcelona. The colors should be soft and the mood should be romantic and peaceful.

Image done by Júlia Alejandre and Maria Muñarch.

  • Pierre L. and Catera S.

I want you to please make a night sky with stars shining. There is a full moon and people are off the streets. Also draw a narrow street with charcoal colored bricks and your beautiful classic apartments. Good Luck.

Image done by Adrià Rosell Guardiola


  • Daysi P. and Patty A.

We want to see a vibrant colored sunset with a close-up of a cracked bottle with a rose inside. There should also be a girl with very curly hair standing in front of the broken bottle.

Image done by Lúa M.

  • Raymond P. and Yesenia S.

We want a picture of the church of the Holy Family in the night time. The picture should have the lights on during the night. Also with the city in the background behind the church.

Image done by Yasmina Allué


  • Kejuan C.and Alexander A.

Hola! Whomever is taking part of our image challenge please draw the front cover of the video game Destiny with one half of the background a starry night and the other half a bright sunset. Good Luck on the image and we really appreciate your effort to take up this challenge.

Image done by Laia Vallespí.

14  Jacqueline G. Anthony C.


We want a space nebula with multiple color clouds and multiple stars.

Images done by Alba Monfort,  Andrea Guerra and Alba Serrano.


  • Angelica M.

Downtown Barcelona with the sunset in the background with cars driving by a park filled with people.

Image done by Helena Delgado García

  • Jesus C. and Gianni N.

Downtown Barcelona at night showing off the lights and attractions of the city. Please include the tall unique architecture.

Image done by Julia Sariego.


  •  Ryan A. and Matrice Y.

We would like you to draw a black and red background of somewhere in your city. We would like a young couple in their teenage years. The young woman looks nervous and shaken. She is in love and does not want to let go. We would like it drawn in anime/cartoon style but not chibi-like.

Image done by Julia Calero.


  • Jasmine M.

I would like for you to draw what your city looks like during the day, with a lot of bright colors. Also, in the drawing, include people communicating in a joyful mood.

Image done by Dayana Álava

Us mostrem també algunes imatges del procès de treball i documentació.

En alguns casos, conèixer la gènesis d’aquestes obres és molt més interessant que el resultat final.

El treball ha estat molt profitós i ara mateix els nostres treballs volen cap a Chicago, on seran exposats aviat.

Podeu veure els treballs de l’intercanvi del curs passat amb aquest enllaç: