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A Saint Patrick’s Day Story

Today in English class we have read the Telegraph’s article about Saint Patrick’s Day. We found a mistake with one photograph, so we send them a message to inform about  their mistake and surprisingly they have answered us really quickly. So, we are glad to show you our conversation and we invite you to read the article and know more about this day:

Dear Telegraph writers,

We are three Spanish students who were reading the St. Patrick’s article in English class.

We have noticed a mistake on the «Is St. Patrick’s Day a public holiday?» section when you talk about the Montserrat Island. The image that you include is incorrect. The image shows a mountain in Catalonia (Spain) which is also named Montserrat, instead of the Caribbean island. 

We hope that our e-mail was helpful and it would be nice of you the correction of the article. And sorry for your time.

We wait for your reply.

Best wishes from Barcelona, and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Alba, Helena and Marta

The Telegraph’s answer:

Thank you for letting us know about the error – we appreciate you taking the time to email us. 

Sorry we picked the wrong picture. We are changing the image at the moment so in a short while the webpage will update with the correct image. 

Happy studying!

Kind regards


And that’s the story folks!

Alba Panyella, Helena Delgado and Marta Antelo.

Drawing by: Blanca De la Cruz