sábado, junio 22, 2024
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We finished our IV Chicago Art Interchange

For this year Chicago Drawing Art Interchange we decided to work mainly with the traditional technique of the conic perspective. It has been interesting to integrate some of Jaume Plensa’s sculptures and installations in different spaces of our school.

Each of our pupil’s works try to forge the perspective in order to simulate somehow a realistic drawing of the school containing the Plensa work.

First we studied the conic perspective in a small format in the classroom.

Then we went to different places to see how the perspective work in a real environment.

Finally, we create a middle illustration with an interpretations of the sculpture and the space.

Some of the spaces has been changed dramatically.

We showed the work in our school lobby.

Some pupils also work at the Sculpture workshop around the Plensa ideas. We show you some of the works here: