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Moisès Broggi and Art: Our experience as students

Moisès Broggi is a High School situated in Sant Quintí Street, near ‘Hospital de Sant Pau’ in Barcelona. It offers different types of study plans, such as ESO, post-compulsory studies and professional studies (health branch).

The students who are interested in post-compulsory studies can choose between science, technology, humanities or social studies. The center also offers ‘Batxibac’, which consists of studies focused on the French language, and art studies, that is centered in artistic subjects, like sculpture, painting, technical drawing, design, art history and audiovisual culture.

We are first year students of ‘Batxillerat Artístic’. We started without knowing anyone because we all came from different schools and we didn’t know how the teachers liked to work, so we were a little worried. But quickly we made new friends and adapted to this new period of our lives, always helped by our mentors.

In our opinion, studying arts in Moisès Broggi is a good choice, you don’t have to worry if you have never worked in an artistic project, because here they start from zero. From our point of view, we think we have improved since we arrived; not only technically, but in a creative way.