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Math Challenges

At the beginning of each month a Math challenge will come out.

To solve the challenge correctly, you have to:

    • Write the solution with an explanation on a paper with your name and group and left it in the mailbox situated in the hall, before the first day of the following month.
    • Write the reasoned solution in this website (at the bottom of the article).

There will be 3 categories: 

  • Pupils (ESO, Batxillerat and Professional Studies).
  • Teachers and PAS.
  • Web visitors.

October Challenge

Set of car license plates

I propose a game with the license plates: get the last number by operating with the previous three in the order you want (all of them and without repeating them). Use the operations you consider: roots of any index, any power, … With their properties. Respect the criteria of priority, parentheses, etc.

I give you examples, you calculate the indicated ones.

Keep playing on the street.

I recommend you start without zeros!

Calculate for… 3824, 9545, 4416, 3927 & 2918

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