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Math Challenges

At the beginning of each month a Math challenge will come out.

To solve the challenge correctly, you have to:

  • Write the solution with an explanation on a paper with your name and group and left it in the mailbox situated in the hall, before the first day of the following month.
  • Write the reasoned solution in this website (at the bottom of the article).

There will be 3 categories: 

  • Pupils (ESO, Batxillerat and Professional Studies).
  • Teachers and PAS.
  • Web visitors.

April Challenge (ESO)

April is the last month for students to participate in the Math Challenge, remember that we will give away the winner’s prize on Santa Georgina’s Day! For that reason, you only have about three weeks to hand in your solutions!
For this month, we have an interesting challenge: you have to find every number from 1 to 10 only using four times the number 4 and different operations (and parentesis). To help you understand the assignment, we will show you an example with the number zero:

(4+4) – (4+4) = 0

We encourage you to participate, good luck!

April Challenge

We have 4 squares placed in the following way, the diagonal that joins the vertices A and D is drawn.
With these data calculate the indicated angle.

March Challenge (ESO)

February has been a short month and it has already ended. This means it’s time for a new math challenge! As you can see, there’s a table with 5 numbers and 4 empty boxes. You have to fill them but be careful: you have to make sure every line and column sums up the same value. Good luck!

March Challenge (Baccalaureate and teachers)

February Challenge (Baccalaureate and teachers)

Thomas has constant speeds for both running and walking. When a down-escalator is moving, Thomas can run down it in 15 seconds or walk down it in 30 seconds. One day, when the escalator was broken (and stationary), it took Thomas 20 seconds to run down it.

How long, in seconds, would it take Thomas to walk down the broken escalator?


Biel Byrne Marshman (1.3 ESO) and Eric Auber (1.3 ESO)

January Challenge (ESO)

This is January’s math challenge. As you can see, there are 5 rows
of triangles with numbers. Each of the rows follows a rule in order to
get the number in the middle. Your job is to find what numbers
should be in the place of the gift emojis. For this, you might need to
use every mathematical operation you know, such as adding,
multiplying, subtracting, powers (potències)… Since it’s already
January 12th, you will have to hurry up if you want to win this
months’ challenge!

January Challenge (post-compulsory education and teachers)

December Challenge

Since Christmas is very near, here’s a holiday challenge! With the information below, try to figure out what is the mathematical value of each symbol. Once you have the answer, write it down on a piece of paper and leave it inside the math challenge box. If you have any questions, you can ask any math teacher. Good luck!


  • Salvador Enrique Campos Bedoya (1.3 ESO)
  • Arnau Rull (1.3 ESO)
  • Lorenzo von Helmolt Pessoa (1.3 ESO)
  • Mateo García Scabuzzo (1.3 ESO)
  • Irene Yus (1.3 ESO)
  • Biel Byrne Marshman (1.3 ESO)
  • Dídac, Joel, Nil (2.3 ESO)
  • Marco Diani y Alexmm Vazquez (2.2 ESO)
  • Hongwei Zheng (2n BC)


November Challenge

Given a regular polygon with sixteen sides, we are asked to paint exactly eight vertices in green colour and eight vertices in red colour. We could do this in many ways, for instance these ones:

The challenge is:

Prove -give a reasoned explanation of- this fact: no matter which eight vertices we paint in green and which ones we paint in red; it is always possible to draw a straight line passing through the centre of the figure in a way that it leaves exactly four red and four green vertices at each side of the straight line.

For instance, for the chosen distribution of green and red vertices that we can see above, the straight line on the left figure does not fit the conditions because it leaves 6 green and 2 red vertices on one side and 2 green and 6 red vertices on the other side. But the straight line on the right figure do fit the condition. It leaves 4 green and 4 red vertices on each side.

October Challenge

Set of car license plates

I propose a game with the license plates: get the last number by operating with the previous three in the order you want (all of them and without repeating them). Use the operations you consider: roots of any index, any power, … With their properties. Respect the criteria of priority, parentheses, etc.

I give you examples, you calculate the indicated ones.

Keep playing on the street.

I recommend you start without zeros!

Calculate for… 3824, 9545, 4416, 3927 & 2918


1st ESO: Ainhoa Ramírez Ferrer, Èric Auber Fernández, Hèctor Soberón, Ariadna Gil Morales, Lorenzo von Helmolt Pessoa i Arnau Rull Monclús

2nd ESO:Eulàlia Bartrina

3rd ESO: María López Aranda

Teachers: Núria Beltrán

Congrats to all 😉

Sóc l'administrador d'aquest web.

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