English B

A common misconception among new students and families is the association of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and having to take all subjects in English. The IB is imparted in the three official languages English, French, and Spanish. Nevertheless, education can be given in other languages as long as the students are able to express themselves fluidly in one of the official languages for the External Assessments, TOK Presentations, Internal Assessments, Extended Essays. At the Institut Moisès Broggi, the language of the classes is mostly in Catalan, with the exception of English B, but many books and Study Guides, such as other resources are in Spanish and mostly English.

Another major concern most students have is if their English level is sufficient to pursue the International Baccalaureate and demanding requirements. It might be heartening to know that we count with a broad variety of background levels, from students with the standard English level to a students with the CAE, and they all are mixed in the same class, which is a very enriching educational process and no-one is left behind. Part of the interview of the admissions process will be in English, so as to evaluate the competences discussion and debate and critical thinking.

English B is a subject focalised on enhancing the language and communication skills and abilities of the IB alumni in an holistic manner in order to prepare them to face a globalised world. Recalling the differences between English A and English B, while the A Language subject has a more literary approach, the English B subject leans towards the language skills acquisition, and the disciplines of written expression, reading and listening comprehension and oral communication are cultivated through interactive and cooperative projects in class. The distinction between English A and English B does not imply a lower level of language. The language grammar is not studied and it is presumed that the student has already accomplished a basic understanding and grasp of grammatical structures.

English B is offered only as a High Level subject, as the demand of the students tends to be this way and for many reasons we also think it is the right decision. This way, an English B HL student will course 4 hours per week during the first year and 4 hours per week during the second one, making up a total of 240 hours.

This learning process is met by the values and ideas the Diploma Programme attempts to provide to its alumni, making students ponder questions such as:

“What constitutes an identity?”

“What is the role of the individual in the community?”

“What difficulties and advantages does globalization entail?”

“How do different cultures mark important moments in life and why do they do it?”

The list below shows the topics that will be covered and discussed at class:

  1. Identities: Fit for life & Who we are!
  2. Experiences: Sketching our lives! & Facing life’s challenges
  3. Human ingenuity: Celebrity & Scientific and technological innovation
  4. Social organization: Volunteering & 21st-century learning
  5. Sharing the planet: Protecting the planet & Our rights!