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Inici Departaments Estrangeres Biology and Geology & English: Project Evolucionem

Biology and Geology & English: Project Evolucionem

Hi everyone! We are students of 4th of ESO and we are going to explain what we have been doing so far in the Biology and Geology & English Project Evolucionem. This project seems very interesting and dynamic for now I learned a lot. We do biology class one hour, once a week. 

The first day we took a group photo with the human bones replica from the Biology Lab. 

During the second session we talked about the origin of the universe and we talked about how the Earth was formed.

From the information that we took from the documentary, we did an activity.

Then we learned how to write scientific names. We learnt how to write the binomial name from Linné’s ideas. To write them, the first letter of the first word goes in capital letters and all the name goes in italics (except while handwriting, that goes underlined).

We did an activity to study the different kingdoms in the nature.

In groups, we wrote in different color papers the scientific name of the five kingdoms. Then we learned about taxonomy and systematics.

During all the sessions we took notes in our magnific project notebook.

In the next class we made play dough molds to create modern fossils. We put chalk on them and we waited one week because it needs time to get dry. 

Biology is my favorite subject, and I love doing a Project in association with this topic. I enjoy doing things like what we are doing in this term.

And we have invented some scientific names for our fossils that we have invented. You can see them on the first floor of the institute:

Opturamentum vaginae; Sensus auriculatheca; Sentimentulus capsuauriculum; Luostribracchia volvens; Turbo trilineae;

Triturris microimago

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