Math Challenges


At the beginning of each month a Math challenge will come out.

To solve the challenge correctly, you have to:

      • Write the solution with an explanation on a paper with your name and group and left it in the mailbox situated in the hall, before the first day of the following month.
      • Write the reasoned solution in this website (at the bottom of the article).

There will be 3 categories: 

  • Pupils (ESO, Batxillerat and Professional Studies).
  • Teachers and PAS.
  • Web visitors.

February challenge

Four boys cut a cake in equal parts as you can see in the first figure. Just before each one takes his piece, a girl arrives. Then, the four boys decide to give her a part of his piece, so that everyone will eat the same amount of cake.

What percentage of their part of cake will they have to give to the girl?

January challenge

  • January solution:

  • January winners:
    •  Pupils: Diana J., Martín R. i Isaac B. (1r ESO)
    •  Teachers: David Aínsa

December challenge

How tall is the table?

  • December solution:
  • December winners:
    •  Pupils:  
    •  Teachers: David A.
    •  Web participants: Edgar G.

November challenge

Núria draws a broken line with the vertices on the sides of the  rectangle, which forms angles of 10 °, 14 °, 33 ° and 26 °, as indicated in the figure:


How much does the angle α measure?

  • November solution: The angle measures 11o    
  • November winners:
    •  Pupils: Gaia Joustra (1r Batx) 
    •  Teachers: David Aínsa
    •  Web participants: Edgar G.

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