Math Challenges


At the beginning of each month a Math challenge will come out.

To solve the challenge correctly, you have to:

      • Write the solution with an explanation on a paper with your name and group and left it in the mailbox situated in the hall, before the first day of the following month.
      • Write the reasoned solution in this website (at the bottom of the article).

There will be 3 categories: 

  • Pupils (ESO, Batxillerat and Professional Studies).
  • Teachers and PAS.
  • Web visitors.

January challenge

Calculate X of the following figure. Be careful: don’t take anything for granted.

December challenge

The first Math Challenge:

Those are a couple of the many solutions: 
  • 888+88+8+8+8 = 1000   
  • [(8 x 8) + (8 x 8)] x 8 – (8 + 8 + 8) = 1000
Winners (pupils)
1st ESO: the whole 1.3 grup.
2nd  ESO: Isaac B. and  Marc R., 
3rd ESO: Jordi M., Eric V. and  Ailén F.
4th ESO:  Xavier G., Martina H., Olmo P. and  Alba V.
1st Bac.: Noah B., Marta A., Maria M. and  Chen R.
2nd Bac.: Paula S. and  Erin S.
Winners (teachers)
Núria B.
Winners (web visitors)
Ander Parra (also pupil) and Alex Catalán.

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